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  • United States Air Force is now using Questionmark’s OnDemand for Government FedRAMP Authorized Offering

TRUMBULL, CT USA — September 22, 2020 — Questionmark’s OnDemand for Government, their FedRAMP authorized offering, is now being used by the United States Air Force. The FedRAMP authorization confirms that Questionmark has met cloud service offering compliance and security standards required to provide assessment services dedicated to U.S. government needs. You can find the authorized listing on the FedRAMP Marketplace.

Questionmark OnDemand for Government is a software-as-a-service platform where United States Federal, State and Local government agencies and their contractors can safely and securely use a powerful tool for creating, delivering and reporting on assessments. The Questionmark OnDemand for Government white paper details the service.

David Hunt, Information Security Officer, Questionmark, said: “The FedRAMP Authorization is a reflection of the rigor and security we provide. It demonstrates that Questionmark software is reliable, compliant and well managed and that customers can trust us for the long-term to help build their assessment strategies. We will continue to raise the bar, whether that is with the U.S. Government and Military or customers in the business and academic worlds.”

Questionmark OnDemand for Government is hosted in a U.S.-based, FedRAMP approved data center used by U.S. government agencies and their service contractors. The service is currently certified for FedRAMP moderate or DoD Impact Level 2 data. Questionmark operates the software-as-a-service, including provisioning, scaling and maintaining hardware, operating systems, software, ensuring sufficient bandwidth and performance, installing upgrades and managing backups securely.

For more information on Questionmark, visit https://qmold.questionmark.com.