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Report reveals ten ways assessments deliver value

TRUMBULL, CT USA — June 15, 2020 — Questionmark, the online assessment provider, has released a white paper outlining ten critical areas where assessments improve decision-making and performance.

Too often critical decisions, particularly those relating to people, are ill-informed.  Decisions based on bad information or made by those who are not qualified to do so, are less likely to lead to the desired result.

Good decision-making must be based on accurate and relevant information.  So, decisions relating to people should be based on valid, fair and defensible assessments. 

Ten ways assessments deliver value:

  1. Making informed decisions: online assessments provide the reliable data that leaders can use to make decisions about their people. 
  2. Improving productivity and employee competence: studies show that 58% of companies see an increase in productivity after introducing assessments.[1] 
  3. Recruiting the best people: after implementing assessments, 76% of corporates have seen an increase in the quality of hire.[2] 
  4. Reducing compliance risks: robust online assessments demonstrate to regulators that businesses are taking measures to meet requirements.
  5. Saving time and money: good decision-making delivers better performance, higher productivity and reduces the time and cost of risk-management.
  6. Reducing health and safety risk: helping employees know and follow health and safety guidance. 
  7. Protecting reputation: online assessments enable businesses to test the skills and experience of employees to help reduce mistakes that can hurt reputation.
  8. Improving the effectiveness of training: assessments provide the mental retrieval practice that helps long-term memory, maximizing the effectiveness of training.
  9. Creating a certification virtuous circle: rigorous certification programs assessing employees on skills and knowledge ensure the right people complete the right task.
  10. Improving the efficiency of training: organizations can save time and resource by testing employees before they training to see if they already know the material. 

John Kleeman, Founder and Executive Director, Questionmark, said: “assessments provide the information that organizations need to make more informed decisions and unlock potential.  Assessments can be invaluable in making a real and lasting difference to business performance.”  

Read the white paper here or book a demo here.

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