New ready-made assessment content from Questionmark to help US and UK employers address discrimination 

TRUMBULL, CT USA — October 15, 2020 — Questionmark, the online assessment provider, has launched a new ready-made assessment service to help employers tackle discrimination.  “Anti-discrimination for People Managers” assesses how well managers in the US and UK understand discrimination laws. 

Questionmark’s new anti-discrimination assessment helps employers check that managers understand their legal requirements and have sufficient information to make fair and non-discriminatory decisions.  It was created in collaboration with legal and HR experts.

The assessment can:

  • inform hiring decisions for management positions
  • highlight to employers which managers need training and on what areas of the law
  • help people managers to make informed decisions around promotion
  • reduce the likelihood of costly mistakes

Questionmark’s test helps employers demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion to their employees, customer, and partners.  By addressing discrimination, the test can also help improve employee satisfaction and retention. 

John Kleeman, Founder and Executive Director of Questionmark, said: “Business and society have never been more focused on diversity and inclusion.  Remote working makes these easier to address by accessing a more diverse pool of candidates. 

“But many people managers might not know their legal requirements or make the right decisions.  This can lead to legal risks and may jeopardize the employer’s reputation.  Our test helps address these challenges.”  

The test is easy to implement.  Managers simply take the test online and it will show whether there are any gaps they need to fill.

This test is part of a range of new ready-made assessments from Questionmark which help employers assess the business skills of their people.  The tests cover compliance, sales and marketing, and transferable skills.

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