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Online assessment provider to help companies test candidate transferable skills pre-hire

TRUMBULL, CT USA — April 16, 2020 — Questionmark, the online assessment provider, has released a discounted bundle to help e-commerce companies recruit the right candidates to cope with increased demand.  The assessment products and services on offer will enable recruiters to assess candidates pre-hire to ensure they have the skills to thrive.

The Coronavirus crisis is accelerating a trend from traditional retail to e-commerce.  Forecasters predict that many of the shops that have been forced to close will never reopen.[1]   At the same time, online shopping is increasing.[2]

Displaced retail workers are searching for new opportunities.  E-commerce organizations will need to make new hires to deal with increased demand.  Recruiters must decide whether those with a background in traditional retail have the skills to be productive in the new environment.

Evidence suggests that many in the retail sector possess a wealth of transferable skills including computer-literacy and numeracy[3].  However, it cannot be assumed that these are universal.  Over a quarter of current retail bosses say that their workforce does not have sufficient digital and tech skills for a fast-changing retail environment[4].

The discounted bundle from Questionmark includes access to the platform, anti-cheating safeguards and support in authoring content.   It will help employers assess which candidates have the relevant skills before they make the hiring decision.

Lars Pedersen, CEO of Questionmark said, “as e-commerce organizations look to expand, they would be wise to recruit people with a background in retail.  But determining which individuals have the transferable skills is essential.  Research shows that people lie on their CVs.  Interviews are vulnerable to unconscious bias.  It’s only by testing the skills of candidates before making the hiring decision that you can be sure they have what it takes to hit the ground running.”

Recruitment decisions really matter.  Eight out of ten hirers admit to making poor recruitment decisions.  Thirty-nine percent of them noticed the error within weeks of the candidate starting.[5]  By assessing staff pre-hire these risks can be managed and minimised.

After implementing assessment technology, 76% of corporations have seen an increase in the quality of hire. [6]  

The core promotional bundle consists of:

  • The Questionmark Platform: can assess an unlimited number of test-sitters, from anywhere in the world.  The platform provides a range of assessment formats including ‘drag and drop’, ‘multiple choice’ and many more.  Organizations can conduct a range of assessments across different courses and ability ranges.  Tests are automatically marked.  Results are instantly compiled.  Trends and patterns are easy and quick to spot. 
  • Forensic Analysis: will give confidence in the integrity of their assessment results by making it possible to identify types of cheating that are usually hard to spot.  Questionmark’s Forensic Analysis looks for patterns such as similarities in answers and the time taken to answer each question.
  • Professional Services: with access to Questionmark content experts, test-setters can ensure that the assessment is robust and appropriate.  The experts will support organizations in setting up and deploying the platform and migrating from existing systems.  As such, organizations new to the platform will receive a high level of support as they begin operating in a new environment.

Additional features, also available as part of the bundles, include: 

  • Record & Review: while organizations may trust staff or students to play by the rule of any test or assessment, there are times when the integrity of the results need be justified to external stakeholders.  Questionmark Record & Review function records the test taking place and flags anomalies for future analysis.
  • Questionmark Secure: when the stakes are high, extra security is needed.  Questionmark Secure is a locked-down browser designed to help you provide secure environment in which to deliver high stakes assessments such as tests and exams. Delivering assessments via Questionmark Secure can help significantly reduce the risk of cheating when deployed along with other defenses to combat impersonation and content theft.
  • Assessment content migration – a data entry service will support people transferring from their existing assessment solution to the Questionmark platform.  This makes it possible for the transfer to happen quickly and guards against loss of data and content.

Taking up the promotion

Further details can be found here.

The promotion is open to new customers and will run until the end of June 2020.  E-commerce companies wishing to take up the promotion should contact Questionmark at sales@questionmark.com.

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