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Higher education institutions can offer exam conditions through online assessments as the academic year begins

TRUMBULL, CT USA — August 27, 2020 — Questionmark, the online assessment provider, is discounting one of its proctoring services to give universities and colleges confidence that they can keep exams going no matter what.  Higher education institutions that sign up for the offer will receive unlimited use of the ‘Record and Review’ service for a flat fee until the end of January 2021.  This will help them quickly move assessments online should social distancing continue to prevent physical exams.

Around the world, universities and colleges have overhauled their digital delivery to ensure that learning can continue despite ongoing uncertainty.  In many countries around the world, it remains unclear as to what face to face contact will be possible and how the situation will develop as we progress throughout the academic year. 

Whatever the circumstances, students and stakeholders will expect higher education institutions to be prepared for all eventualities.   This means developing a secure means of testing students.  Critically, they must put in robust measures to guard against cheating.

Questionmark Record and Review records the assessment taking place.  It flags anomalies for future analysis.  These might include irregular head movement, or two heads appearing in front of the screen, which could both indicate suspicious behavior.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can scan the test-taker’s face and tell the test-setter that footage of the test should be reviewed. 

Lars Pedersen, CEO at Questionmark said: “Despite the speed with which social distancing was introduced, many institutions were able to keep crucial exams going.  Others had to postpone assessments and must ensure they do not have to do so again.  We don’t yet know to what extent assessments will need rethinking in the next academic year.  But we can be sure that students will expect universities and colleges to be prepared. 

“Questionmark Record and Review helps test-setters guard against cheating by recording the exam taking place and flagging any anomalies that need to be reviewed.  If social distancing measures linger, it will help course leaders assess the progress that students are making.”

The offer runs until the 31st January 2021.  To take advantage of the offer for unlimited usage, email sales@questionmark.com or request a demo at https://qmold.questionmark.com/request-demo.