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Questionmark’s Proctoring Record and Review service available to deter cheating on online exams

TRUMBULL, CT — October 13, 2020 — Questionmark today announced that its popular Proctoring Record and Review (or invigilation) service is now available for purchase on SAP® App Center, the digital marketplace for SAP partner offerings. This application integrates with SAP® SuccessFactors® solutions to make it easier for users to guard against cheating on online exams or assessments.

In recent months, many higher-education institutions, credentialing organizations and employers have moved tests and exams online.  Social distancing has made gathering candidates together into exam halls or test centers nearly impossible.

“With Questionmark Proctoring Record and Review on SAP App Center, we can help businesses around the world minimize the risk of cheating when they have to move exams and tests online,” said Lars Pedersen, CEO of Questionmark. “As a second wave of COVID-19 seems set to hit, universities, credentialing organizations and employers need a ‘plan B’ in their back pocket.”

Since the beginning of the current crisis, many organizations have noticed that online assessments can provide considerable benefits.

  • They help universities and colleges serve a larger number of students while facilitating distance learning.
  • Credentialing organizations can move into new markets to expand their business.
  • Employers can more easily gain crucial information about the skills and attitudes of their workforce and make better decisions about managing them as a result.

However, when an assessment really matters, people must also be confident in the results.  This means that those administering the tests must take measures to guard against cheating.

Proctoring Record and Review by Questionmark records assessments as they take place. The application flags anomalies for future analysis.  This might include irregular head movements, or two heads appearing in front of the screen, that could indicate suspicious behavior.  The application also has Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology which scans the faces of test-takers and flags when footage of the test should be reviewed. 

Proctoring Record and Review is now available for purchase on SAP App Center.  The application fully integrates with SAP Assessment Management by Questionmark, which helps to ensure tests and assessments can be delivered online. SAP Assessment Management by Questionmark is used by customers across education, business and government.

Proctoring Record and Review helps protect exams from cheating while also respecting the test-taker’s privacy. Biometrics are not used during exam recordings. All data is securely stored and never shared with third parties. Recorded information is private to the customer who is also responsible for deciding which data is captured. Recordings of exam sessions are strongly encrypted and can be stored in the customer’s region of choice.

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