Employers must address concerns and obtain vital ‘decision making’ data

TRUMBULL, CT USA — June 18, 2020 — Concerns around personal privacy could prevent employers from getting the vital information they need to make good people decisions.   According to a new report by Questionmark, the online assessment provider, employers should openly seek to satisfy participant concerns and gather crucial information from tests and assessments.

Employers must ensure their workforce has the skills to thrive in this constantly changing environment.  Regular testing of the workforce, supply and distribution chain can equip senior leaders to make the decisions to do that. 

But data must be trusted to inform decision making.  With much of the workforce working from home, anti-cheating measures must be put in place. 

When certifications, qualifications or job offers are in play, a form of remote proctoring or invigilation is likely to be required.  This involves a proctor or invigilator supervising the test over webcam and inspecting the environment, even if the test-taker is at home.

Such high-security measures have raised concerns about invasions of privacy. 

The report recommends the following steps to reassure test-takers:

  • use the least intrusive technology possible – without compromising the integrity of the assessment
  • communicate the platform’s security measures – explain what steps have been taken to protect data in the event of a cyberattack
  • explain the reason for the extra vigilance –explain to the test-taker such high-security measures are in place
  • provide all privacy information in advance – ensure that the test-takers know exactly what will happen during the assessment 
  • listen to concerns and debunk myths – employers should dispel any unfounded myths that emerge

Questionmark Proctoring Online maintains the security and integrity of the exam without unduly compromising a test-taker’s privacy.  Unlike many proctoring solutions, it allows proctors or invigilators to guide test-takers through the process without having to take control of their computer. 

John Kleeman, Founder and Executive Director of Questionmark said: “Now more than ever, employers need the data from tests and assessments to make good people decisions.  Some anti-cheating measures will inevitably raise privacy concerns.  Questionmark proctoring, accompanied by effective communication, will help employers satisfy concerns and obtain the crucial data they need for good decision making.”

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