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Performance Training Systems & Questionmark Partner to Offer On-line Firefighter Certification Exams

TRUMBULL, CT USA —  August 7, 2018 — Performance Training Systems (PTS), leader in items banks for the fire and emergency medical fields, and Questionmark, global provider of assessment technologies and portal solutions, today announced their partnership to deliver online firefighter certification exams, pre-employment and promotional exams. Exam content will be created by PTS and Questionmark will deliver the exams by way of their assessment management software, OnDemand. This unique partnership allows Fire Marshalls, State Directors and Fire Colleges to use well proven item banks and configure their tests to meet their needs. These certification exams improve the efficiency of each certification program by delivering standard or customized item banks in a secure environment to their participants. The time-savings and ease of use enable fire professionals to focus on what matters – offering valid and reliable content – for accurate and defensible results.

“For anyone in a high-stakes job it is important that they know that they are qualified”, said Eric Shepherd, Questionmark’s CEO, “by teaming with PTS we can provide not only great tools but also great content to Fire Marshalls, State Directors and Fire Colleges to efficiently maintain their assessments and ensure valid, reliable and defensible results.” 

“The PTS Fire Test Banks®, meet the accreditation requirements of the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress and the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications.” said Ben Hirst, PTS’s CEO. “Our partnership with Questionmark has been enlightening and rewarding and we appreciate working with an organization that are not only passionate about quality but also assisting professional and volunteer firefighters around the globe.”

The combination of PTS’s Fire Test Banks® and Questionmark empowers organizations to manage their own examinations, locations, delivery, proctoring over the Web or on paper, and include registration and payment systems along with complete digital records and powerful reports.

About Performance Training Systems, Inc.
For more than 28 years, Performance Training Systems has been the leader in valid and reliable testing services for the fire and emergency medical fields. A truly dedicated company, PTS’ testing materials are used by 360+ fire department training divisions and 129 academies and training institutions, and 107 fire service certification entities worldwide. With 40 test item banks, composed of over 20,000+ questions, PTS provides the perfect foundation for success. Visit www.firetestbanks.com for detailed information on certification exam offerings.

About Questionmark
Questionmark’s assessment technologies are used by organizations worldwide to securely measure knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes for certification, regulatory compliance, workforce learning, channel expertise and higher education. Questionmark’s assessment management system, available as a cloud-based or on premise solution, provides collaborative, secure authoring of questions and assessments; comprehensive item banking; multiple delivery options including mobile devices; powerful reporting and analytics to inform stakeholders; and trustworthy, defensible results.

Complete details are available at www.questionmark.com. The Questionmark Blog provides assessment-related news, interviews, insights and best practices.