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Questionmark enables test publishers and certification bodies to continue to deliver a consistent global and local service

TRUMBULL, CT — May 4, 2020 — Questionmark, the enterprise-grade assessment provider, is offering a promotion on its assessment platform and online proctoring service to help test publishers maintain exam integrity during COVID-19.

Despite COVID-19, high-stakes assessments are vital and need to be carried out.  Such assessments are often required for critical certification, urgent credentialing programs, and educational qualifications.   

Running these tests at exam centers is no longer an option.  Even when exam centers can re-open, social distancing measures will mean restrictions for some time.

In response, test publishers and certification bodies are turning towards remote assessments and online proctoring to deliver tests under full exam conditions.  

Questionmark’s offer gives these organizations a one-stop-shop to maintain continuity, build revenue, and protect their brands.    

They combine secure test-taking, with vendor content, e-commerce, and badging for successful candidates.  Test publishers can also adapt their assessment content quickly, making them nimble to market, and manage smaller projects efficiently.

Lars Pedersen, CEO, Questionmark, said: “Test publishers and certification bodies are rapidly embracing remote assessments and online proctoring to deliver high stakes tests with integrity. 

“Questionmark’s enterprise-grade solution enables these organizations to deliver a consistent service, globally and locally, without having to integrate with other platforms.  This enables test publishers and certification bodies to build revenue and protect the integrity of their brands.”

The core bundle consists of:

  • The Questionmark Platform: unlimited number of test-sitters, anywhere in the world. 
  • Forensic Analysis: giving confidence in the integrity of assessments by identifying types of cheating based on patterns and time taken.
  • Professional Services: The expert support in setting up and deploying the platform and migrating from existing systems. 

Additional features available as part of the bundles include: 

  • Proctoring Online: Questionmark provides an online proctor who supervises a test-taker using the webcam and audio built into the test-taker’s computer.
  • Questionmark Secure: extra security in a locked-down browser for high-stakes assessments such as tests and exams.

Taking up the offer

Organizations wishing to take up the offer, which runs for new customers until the end of June, should contact Questionmark on sales@questionmark.com

For more information, please see: https://bit.ly/2y6VScQ.