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Questionmark enables test publishers and certification bodies quickly to adapt assessments in line with changing business practices

TRUMBULL, CT USA — May 13, 2020 — Questionmark, the enterprise-grade assessment provider, is supporting test publishers and certification bodies quickly to adapt assessment content.  This helps these organizations remain relevant now and in the future by ensuring their assessments and certifications reflect new business practices.

Organizations everywhere are having to adapt to the new world.  From remote working to online assessments, the current crisis is accelerating a trend for organizations increasingly to move their operations online.  Test publishers and certification bodies need to reflect this.

What’s more, research shows that in response to the more challenging economic climate companies are planning to invest in technology such as automation and are racing to transform their workforce.[1]  Organizations will need people with the appropriate skills, credentials and qualifications to implement changes and manage the technology.  

For test publishers and certification bodies such reskilling and upskilling may mean urgent and rapid changes to certification and credentialing programs or educational qualifications.

However, some online assessment providers are slow to respond to such changes.  They may charge a fee every time content changes or have a tortuous process to update questions.

In contrast, Questionmark enables organizations to be agile, by quickly adapting assessment content and making it available right away.

By enabling test publishers and certification bodies quickly to adapt assessment content, Questionmark helps make these organizations nimbler to market, protecting their brand and building revenues.  

John Kleeman, Founder and Executive Director, Questionmark, said: “When test publishers and certification bodies are adapting as fast as they are, they need to know their online assessment partner will adapt with them.  They must be able to help, rather than get in the way. 

“Questionmark’s enterprise-grade solutions provide a one-stop-shop and we help our customers to get up and running quickly.  Combining secure test-taking, with vendor content, e-commerce, and badging for successful candidates, we can scale to meet global demand and we manage smaller projects efficiently.”  

For more information about how Questionmark can help, please see: https://bit.ly/2T3PTN7.  

[1] https://www.mercer.com/our-thinking/career/global-talent-hr-trends.html#