Questionmark cuts prices to help higher and further education institutions offer exam conditions for students working from home

TRUMBULL, CT USA — March 19, 2020 — Questionmark, the enterprise-grade assessment provider, is discounting its assessment platform and associated services to help minimize the disruption caused by increasingly restrictive social distancing.

The offer, which will run to the end of June 2020, will help certification organizations, universities, colleges and awarding bodies remotely deliver assessments which are valid, reliable, fair and defensible.

The offer is particularly tailored for organizations which currently deliver assessments using pen and paper, and for those who have previously delivered them online, but not remotely.

Questionmark has published a white paper, “Assessments and Covid-19: how remote online exams can support exam and business continuity.” This spells out how to transform employee assessments into digital format and how to set them up at a distance, while ensuring their integrity for all participants.

John Kleeman, founder of Questionmark, said “many educational institutions have already moved to delivering online learning, and have a great deal of expertise in doing that.  The question of delivering reliable and defensible assessments at the end of those courses is not always so straightforward.  That is where we can help keep exams going.

“Our white paper, ‘Assessments and Covid-19’, helps set out the key areas that educators should consider in setting up remote assessments”.

The offer which is for new customers will enable institutions to maintain the integrity and security of remote assessments.  They will be able to select the most appropriate combination of the following benefits for their needs.

  • Delivering a variety of assessments – test setters can choose from a range of options on the Questionmark Platform to help deliver formal exams, in a multiple-choice, matching or other objective question format, not as essays.  The offer does not cover the wider range of services including informal tests, quizzes and surveys.
  • Guarding against cheating – a range of different proctoring options increase the security of assessments.  For instance, test takers can be recorded and any anomalies are flagged for future review, using our Record & Review service, and AI technology can detect cheating, using Forensic Analysis.   
  • Creating world-class assessment content – our professional service experts are available to ensure the content is high quality and appropriate for the assessment and to help set the platform up.

Institutions who wish to take advantage of the offer, which is for new customers and runs until the end of June, should contact Questionmark to discuss pricing and how to tailor the offer to their needs:

Feedback from existing Questionmark customers demonstrates that the platform is straightforward and easy to use. 

Questionmark has 30 years’ experience in helping academic institutions and organizations delivering secure online assessments.  Last year Questionmark delivered 19.5 million assessments around the world.

Questionmark will provide training to support to new customers and help with the transition to help organizations get up and running.  The company also offers ongoing customer support, which includes outsourcing the management of the service.

Questionmark makes it possible to deliver assessments to an unlimited amount of people anywhere in the world.  Its services enable schools, universities and workplaces to deliver exam conditions without bringing people together in one place. 

For more information on Questionmark platform and discounted services, visit: