TRUMBULL, CT USA — March 9, 2020 — Questionmark, the secure enterprise-grade assessment platform, has released a report outlining the nine critical areas the decision making in organizations can be improved.

Organizations too often expose themselves to needless risk. This may be because they cannot demonstrate that they are compliant with laws and regulations or they may be unsure they are recruiting the right staff or training them properly.  These critical business needs often prompt organizations to get more accurate data to inform better decisions. 

The nine common problems identified in the report are:

  1. concerns around health and safety practice: organizations that perform safety-critical tasks need to demonstrate robust health and safety practices to customers and regulators
  2. failures to demonstrate compliance with internal procedures and external regulation: organizations need to demonstrate they are playing by the rules.  Failure to do so adequately can result in significant fines
  3. inconsistent customer service experience: organizations need to ensure they maintain standards and a consistency of experience as they grow
  4. insufficient product knowledge: front-line staff must have a strong knowledge of the product in many sectors for reasons of both compliance and commercial success
  5. inadequate quality of hire: eight out of ten recruiters admit to making a hiring mistake
  6. training failing to make the necessary impact: many organizations agree on the importance of staff training.  However, they lack the confidence that their training is being effective
  7. lack of knowledge and confidence in the sales channel: even when staff are well trained on the products and services, doubts can exist about the quality of knowledge among dealers and distributors
  8. failing to measure and recognize career development: staff retention is strengthened when team members have a strong sense of career development but measuring progress creates challenges
  9. lack of trust in partners’ technical ability: organizations can lack confidence that their partner has the relevant technical knowledge to perform their function in the right way.

How assessments unlock decision making

The report demonstrates how organizations that regularly test and assess their workforce can obtain the necessary information to make good decisions.

Lars Pedersen, CEO, Questionmark, says: “A senior leader knows that when you’re hiring the wrong people or staff turnover is high, it’s time to make more informed decisions.  If there are near misses in health and safety or compliance, urgent improvement is needed.

“Regularly testing and assessing staff provides businesses and organizations with the knowledge they need to make good decisions.  Equipped with more robust information as a result of valid, fair, reliable and defensible assessments, managers can hire the right staff and target appropriate training.

“Read our report to learn more about the factors the drive investment in decision making and the role that assessments can play in unlocking potential.”

Through regular staff assessments, organizations can ensure that team members have understood important health and safety policies.  Regulators can be satisfied that employees have been trained on relevant regulations and good practice.  Ahead of product launches, assessments help organizations to verify that sales teams have the knowledge they need.

The report is based on research from Questionmark customers who now use the platform to gather the information that will enable them to make good decisions.