Online assessments show how employers can improve performance by strengthening skills

TRUMBULL, CT — February 9, 2021 — Pharmaceutical sales teams build revenue and create new business opportunities.  But 56% expect to miss their sales targets.  Questionmark, the online assessment provider, is encouraging healthcare employers to check that their sales teams have the skills they need to thrive.

In the past year, sales practices have been forced to adapt to new restrictions.  Face to face meetings are rarely possible.  The new environment means the following skills have become even more critical:

  • Excellent product knowledge – salespeople must show a real understanding of their products.  Customers know they can access basic information online. 
  • Qualifying leads – analyzing which leads are worth pursuing, and which to drop, will reduce wasted time and energy.
  • Meeting management – salespeople must come to virtual meetings fully prepared.  Sales meetings over Zoom or Teams are likely to be shorter than their “real-world” counterparts. 
  • Research and consultancy – salespeople need to talk about how a product will help a customer meet their business needs, not just explain what the product does.

Assessing whether teams have these crucial skills can help employers perform better.  Assessments will:

  • Establish whether everyone selling the products has sufficient knowledge by verifying the sales channel
  • Identify areas for further training
  • Understand what the habits and skills of the best salespeople are and replicate them across the sales channel

Lars Pedersen, CEO of Questionmark, said: “Understanding the skills of their salespeople helps employers take advantage of new opportunities and grow their business.  By discovering what the skills, behaviors and habits of their best performing team members are, they can ensure that their practices are replicated across the sales channel.”

“Online staff assessments give employers reliable information on the current skills of workers.  Based on this information, they can make better decisions on training, recruitment and career development.”

The Questionmark enterprise-grade platform makes assessment content easy to create and adapt.  The platform automatically marks papers and instantly compiles results.  It is easy to spot trends and patterns. 

The Questionmark B2B Sales Qualification by Mentor Group is a ready-made test that helps employers understand whether sales teams are identifying leads correctly.  It shows where salespeople are struggling and, built on decades of experience within sales and coaching, provides information to drive increased productivity and performance across the entire sales team.