Medtech manufacturers can better deliver for customers by certifying skills of business partners in the sales channel

NEW YORK, NY — July 13, 2021 — Medical technology manufacturers can deliver better results for their customers by assessing and recognizing the skills of the people who sell their products, often working in different companies. In a new white paper, online assessment provider Questionmark demonstrates that certifying the knowledge of relevant staff across the business-partner channel can boost the performance of each company involved.

Certification programs, in which a participant receives a certificate demonstrating that they possess requisite skills and knowledge, are used by businesses to inspire confidence in customers.

The new white paper, “Justifying the Value of a Certified Business Partner Channel” makes the case for extending certification programs to each company that takes the product to the end customer. It is co-authored by Chuck Cooper, retired certification expert from technology company IBM, and Questionmark’s Kristin Bernor.

The paper explores how certifying the channel benefits:

  • Manufacturers – with better product knowledge, partners can install and implement products quicker and better. This increases end-customer satisfaction and reduces support time and costs.
  • Business partner companies – certification improves performance. This strengthens the relationship and increases the chance of repeat business.
  • End customers – certification increases customer satisfaction. They enjoy better long-term use from the products they purchase.

John Kleeman, Founder of Questionmark, said: “There is a real benefit to measuring and recognizing skills and knowledge across all partners involved in selling products to the end user, as this white paper illustrates.

“For any certification program to be effective, it is essential that companies robustly assess learning and ensure that everyone who receives the certification has the skills and knowledge to justify the achievement.”

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