Employers should reignite learning and development programs for home workers

TRUMBULL, CT USA — May 28, 2020 — Questionmark, the online assessment provider, is encouraging employers to reignite investment in learning and development programs. The call comes as research reveals a wave of enthusiasm among remote workers for online learning to improve their professional and personal skills.  

Online learning providers have reported a dramatic increase in usage since lockdown measures were rolled out around the world.[1] According to one provider, among the most popular subjects were lessons in time management and Microsoft Excel.[2]

Employers should capitalize on the current enthusiasm by reinvigorating learning and development programs, with remote assessments.  Some employers may have been reluctant to deliver such programs remotely in the past.  However, the workforce has become increasingly familiar with collaboration technology and has developed a ‘work from home’ culture.  Previous obstacles to delivering and assessing such training can be easily overcome. 

Lars Pedersen, CEO of Questionmark said, “When the world went into lockdown, some business leaders may have felt that learning and development programs would be impossible to deliver.  In reality, we need them more than ever. 

“Good decisions around continued professional development can upskill the workforce.  They can boost productivity and drive engagement.  They build confidence with customers and increase staff retention.  To make good decisions around learning and development, employers must ensure that regular testing and assessment sit at the heart of training.  This is especially true when we are all working remotely.”

Testing and assessment are essential aids to learning.  Memory expert Professor Roddy Roediger says learners are far more likely to remember information once called upon to reconstruct it.[3]

Regular assessment enables managers to measure the effectiveness of training.  It is through incorporating tests into learning and development programs that leaders gain the fair, valid and defensible information they need to make good decisions.

The Questionmark Platform can assess an unlimited number of test-sitters, from anywhere in the world.  The platform provides a range of assessment formats.  Tests are automatically marked.  Results are instantly compiled.  Trends and patterns are easy and quick to spot. 

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