Digital credentials can help employers map skills, demonstrate competence and compliance, and improve business performance

TRUMBULL, CT USA — September 30, 2020 — Questionmark, the online assessment provider, has revealed how companies can make better use of digital badging to improve business performance.

Digital badges enable individuals to show verifiable evidence of their skills and achievements on their online professional profile, email footer, or social media. 

For employers, digital credentials recognize, reward, and communicate the achievements of their people and have a range of business benefits:  

  • Show competency: digital badges awarded for recognized courses and qualifications help demonstrate to customers, suppliers, and partners that a business’s people are competent and reliable. 
  • Demonstrate compliance: when employees have digital credentials to show they meet regulatory requirements, customers, suppliers, and partners can see that a company and its people can be trusted.
  • Map skills: digital badges help businesses to map skills across the firm.  Badges enable firms to quickly create heat maps according to expertise, providing insight into the skills their people have and what skills or training they may need.
  • Recruit and retain the best: digital badges can be used to demonstrate to employees that a firm is a good employer.  For instance, badges might show a commitment to diversity or work-life balance, helping recruit and retain the best people.  
  • Build brand: when employees share an employer’s badge on their profiles or social media, this helps the business to reach new audiences, increase awareness, and build brand.

Lars Pedersen, CEO of Questionmark, said: “Digital badging is an effective way for employers to show their customers, suppliers, and partners that their people are competent and meet regulatory requirements.  Easily identifiable credentials also help employers to quickly map skills and expertise across a firm, helping them make more informed decisions about their people.  In short, digital badges increase trust, improve standards, and in so doing boost business performance.”

Questionmark’s seamless integration into Credly’s Acclaim platform means its customers can automatically award badges as individuals pass exams, without the need to manage multiple pieces of software.