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Information from secure online assessments can help employers make better decisions

TRUMBULL, CT USA — October 14, 2020 — Public sector employers must speed up the recruitment process if they are to attract younger workers.

In the new white paper ‘Improving People Performance in Government and the Public Sector’, Questionmark, the online assessment provider, explores the people-management challenges across government.  Based on conversations with customers, it demonstrates how gathering information from online staff assessments can help employers make better decisions.

The white paper identified the following common challenges:

  1. An aging workforce – only 27% of public workers are millennials.[1] 
  2. Assessing the ‘cultural fit’ of outsiders – it is difficult to identify from applications and interviews which potential employees have the right mentality for government work. 
  3. Diversity – more work must be done to create more diverse workforces, which is a priority for employees. 
  4. Slow recruitment processes – candidates often wait several months to hear if they have been successful in securing a job in government.[2] 
  5. Guarding against compliance errors and breaches – human error makes public sector organizations more vulnerable to data breaches and cyber-attacks.
  6. Security barriers to using the latest people management and recruitment technology – public sector employers struggle to use the latest management and recruitment technologies for issues of compliance and security.

Online skills and attitudes assessments of the workforce can give employers the information they need to make good people-decisions. 

Testing potential recruits before making the decision to hire them can show which candidates have the right attitude to adapt to culture.  Bringing assessments of candidates online can speed up the recruitment decision.  Where employers invest in diversity and equalities training, assessments can test if the training has been effective.

Our enterprise-grade assessment platform has achieved Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Authorization.  It meets over 300 security control requirements and can be used safely by the US government and military.  Because the platform has met these high standards in the US, governments around the world should have confidence in Questionmark’s ability to deliver assessments and store data safely.

John Kleeman, Executive Director and Founder, Questionmark, said: “Despite a wealth of commentary on the topic, there are often no easy answers to improving people management in government and the public sector.  By gaining crucial insight into the state of play through online assessments, employers can make better people decisions, import the right skills, speed up recruitment and nurture a younger and more diverse workforce.”

Read the white paper, ‘Improving People Performance in Government and the Public Sector’.

The white paper forms part of the ‘Questionmark Viewpoint’ series which explores the challenges that Questionmark customers face, and how Questionmark helps address them. 

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