• The online betting and gaming market predicted to be worth more than $100 billion by 2025
  • Betting and gaming operators currently failing to meet evolving market demands
  • Regular assessments could help employers to upskill workforces to deliver exceptional customer experiences

August 1, 2022 — A new report from online assessment provider, Questionmark, reveals that betting and gaming operators are unable to  capitalize on new digital opportunities from failing to recognize evolving customer expectations.     

The report notes the existence of four significant challenges: scarcity of talent, changing regulations, digitalization and evolving user experience expectations —which need to be addressed in order to meet rapidly changing customer expectations and regulatory demands.  

Findings indicate that building robust online assessments into the betting and gaming industry’s internal operations will be critical to addressing these challenges.  

Neil McGough, General Manager at Questionmark, said: “Gaming operators have a huge opportunity over the next few years to raise the bar in terms of customer experience, digital services and creating new products that meet the needs of their audiences.  This new report shows that to seize those opportunities in a regulatory compliant manner, several key training and talent acquisition challenges must be addressed. Regular assessments are key to this not only as a means of identifying skills gaps but also in highlighting the best ways of delivering training to fix those skills gaps and to remain fit-for-purpose.” 

The new report, Boosting Retention, Recruitment and Employee Engagement in the Betting and Gaming Industry is available to download now.   

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