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Digital credentials can help test publishers and awarding bodies to demonstrate quality and build brand awareness

TRUMBULL, CT — September 24, 2020 — As the world prepares for a second Covid-19 wave, fears grow around how credentialing organizations remain relevant and competitive.  Questionmark, the online assessment provider, has revealed five ways that credentialing organizations can use digital badges to demonstrate quality and build brand despite a second wave. 

With a second Covid-19 wave sweeping the world, employers and individuals worldwide are predominantly conducting business online. 

In such an environment, digital badges enable individuals to show verifiable evidence of their skills and achievements on their online professional profile, email footer, or social media.  These can help individuals to make the right first impression whether over email or online.

For credentialing organizations, digital badges can help to:

  1. Maintain business continuity: digital badges provide a convenient and safe way to issue certificates and awards to those who have passed exams when paper certificates are more problematic.  
  • Increase brand awareness: as successful candidates share a badge, it helps promote that course and organization.  As more and more communication is online, digital badges are one way credentialing organizations can increase the visibility of their brand and reach new audiences.  
  • Gain additional credibility: when programs and assessments are hard and badges are awarded only to the best candidates, the organization gains credibility as those individuals share their achievements.
  • Demonstrate the value of certification programs: with digital badges, successful test-takers have portable and verified evidence of their skills and expertise without the need for a full diploma. This helps show the value of the credentialing organization’s course to a wider audience. 
  • Recognize achievement seamlessly: Questionmark’s seamless integration into Credly’s Acclaim platform means its customers can automatically award badges as individuals pass exams, without the need to manage multiple pieces of software.

Lars Pedersen, CEO of Questionmark, said: “Credentialing organizations have innovated to keep crucial exams going, delivering remote assessments.  Now is the time to continue to innovate and deliver more awards and certificates using digital badging.  Doing so can help demonstrate the quality of their programs and build their brand while maintaining business continuity throughout the second wave of Covid-19.”