Questionmark helps move certification verification online quickly and securely

TRUMBULL, CT USA — November 25, 2020 — Companies must ensure their sales channels remain certified and up to date, despite the challenges of social distancing.  Questionmark, the online assessment provider, is urging employers to move certification assessments online to ensure that sales and distribution channels can keep pace with the latest innovations.

Manufacturing, automotive, utility, and technology companies often rely on qualified resellers to make their sales.  Many update their products as frequently as once a quarter, so it is critical that sales teams and independent resellers stay current with new developments.

Social distancing means sales teams can no longer attend test centers to sit the certifications.  This risks harming sales and reducing business opportunities for partners.

But certifications can be delivered securely online.  This also makes it easier for candidates as they don’t need to give up a day to attend physical test centers.

Big players across the technology and manufacturing industries have made the move to successful online sales assessments, with some awarding over 100,000 certifications a year.  Leading automotive and IT companies use the Questionmark platform to certify the individuals and companies that can sell and maintain their products.

Certifications also represent a big career development opportunity.  A survey found that 91% of IT professionals believe that being certified has brought them additional credibility and 44% report higher quality work as a result.[1]

Questionmark provides a one-stop-shop assessment platform that can help employers move tests and exams online quickly and securely.  It provides:

  • Secure online exam environment – employers must be sure that any assessments are protected against cheating.  With Proctoring Online, a proctor or invigilator supervises the assessment taking place via a webcam, ensuring that the candidates stick to the rules
  • Digital badging – it is vital that successful candidates can demonstrate their qualifications to sell and maintain products.  The platform issues digital badges which successful candidates can display on their business card, promotional materials and social media
  • A flexible and adaptable platform – with a variety of question formats, assessment content is easy to create.  New assessments can be quickly adapted from existing content

Lars Pedersen, CEO of Questionmark, said: “As innovations come to market increasingly quickly, brand owners must be able to trust anyone that sells or maintains their products.  Customers and consumers need to be confident that they are dealing with someone who knows what they’re doing.

“Despite the current challenges, employers must keep certifying their staff and external partners within the distribution channel.  With our platform, they can move tests and exams online quickly, guard against cheating and ensure that successful candidates get the recognition they deserve.”

Questionmark integrates all aspects of creating and delivering assessments including authoring content, e-commerce, proctoring or invigilation, reporting and digital badging for successful candidates.