30% of workers reprimanded for insecure use of collaboration tools

February 15, 2022– Businesses must ensure that their people keep data and systems safe as they adopt hybrid working measures. Questionmark, the online assessment provider, is encouraging employers to use regular assessments to check that their teams understand how to use collaboration and communication tools safely, minimizing the risk of human error.

Organizations increasingly offer hybrid work options, whereby employees split their time between on-site and remote working. A new report shows how they are investing in collaboration, file sharing and communication tools to help make new working arrangements as seamless and secure as possible.1

But despite the increased prevalence of remote working, 55% of people believe that they are more likely to make security-related mistakes when working from home.2 Some 30% of workers have been reprimanded for using collaboration tools inappropriately.3 And 40% admit to sharing their workplace passwords.4

John Kleeman, Founder of Questionmark, said: “Collaboration, communication and security tools are critical to making new ways of working a success. But if team members don’t know how to use them properly, or don’t use them safely, they risk being counterproductive. By testing the knowledge of the workforce with staff assessments, employers can quickly spot any areas of weakness. They can introduce the right training to ensure that everyone can safely embrace the future of work.”

The Questionmark assessment platform enables employers to measure the current state of technology skills across the workforce. Using the platform, employers can check whether workers understand how to use new tools productively. They can also ensure that staff understand relevant security policies and procedures. Assessments can demonstrate that team members have been effectively trained in data security, helping to meet their compliance requirements.


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