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Online assessments can create new business opportunities for bodies that award certifications and qualifications

TRUMBULL, CT USA — August 12, 2020 — Credentialing organizations must continue the pace of innovation in remote assessments that was triggered by widespread social distancing.  According to a new white paper by Questionmark, the online assessment provider, doing so could increase revenue and help protect the brand reputation of organizations that are responsible for awarding or accrediting qualifications and certifications.

When the world went into lockdown, many credentialing organizations started using the latest remote assessment technology.  This enabled them to keep crucial exams going with test centers out of bounds. 

The white paper encourages them to continue to use their new-found knowledge to overcome common hurdles, build revenue streams and increase brand reputation.

  • Build trust and brand reputation – failing to ensure the integrity of an assessment damages trust in the award and the brand of the credentialing organization.  Online proctoring, or invigilation, can be better than conventional invigilation as it is less open to bribery.

Questionmark Proctoring Online enables exams and tests to be taken remotely under full exam conditions.

An online proctor or invigilator supervises a test-taker using the webcam and audio built into the test-taker’s computer. The proctor confirms the test-taker’s identity and can pause or terminate the assessment if they see suspicious behavior.

  • One-stop-shop solution – assessment managers are often left trying to manage different parts of the service, such as proctoring, authoring content, managing e-commerce and badging, on separate platforms.  This can be prohibitively cumbersome.  The Questionmark platform provides a one-stop-shop solution.
  • Global reach – well-regarded credentials can be popular internationally, creating potential revenue.  The Questionmark platform enables test-takers from anywhere in the world to participate.  Assessment content can be automatically translated into several different languages. 
  • Quick and easy to adapt assessment content – certification bodies constantly need to create new assessment content.  Assessments with Questionmark are easy to update. 

Lars Pedersen, CEO of Questionmark said: “Credentialing organizations have innovated to keep crucial exams going, delivering remote assessments.  Now is the time to use those lessons and continue to work with enterprise-grade assessment technology.  Doing so can help protect their brand, drive efficiency and increase revenue.”

Read the white paper: Protecting brand and building revenue.