New white paper co-authored by Chuck Cooper sets out the benefits of business partner certification

July 6, 2021 — Certifying the skills and knowledge of people that re-sell IT products can significantly boost customer satisfaction and reduce support costs. In a new white paper, online assessment provider Questionmark, sets out the benefits of certifying the business-partner channel.

Selling and maintaining products through a business partner channel helps IT vendors increase their reach. But to maximize the benefits, organizations must be confident that all those selling and maintaining their products have the skills and knowledge to ensure end customers get what they need. The business partners in the sales channel typically consist of distributors and resellers.

The new Questionmark white paper, “Justifying the Value of a Certified Business Partner Channel”, is co-authored by Chuck Cooper, retired certification expert for technology company IBM and Questionmark’s Kristin Bernor who is a director of the Information Technology Certification Council (ITCC). It sets out the benefits of certifying the business partner channel. These include:

  • Faster and higher quality implementation – a certified partner is more likely to implement the product properly and give the customer the functions they need.
  • Reduced support costs – when a product is installed correctly there are likely to be fewer support issues to manage. An IDC study showed that 40% of downtime is due to a significant lack of training.[1]
  • Increased customer satisfaction – implementing products properly, delivering on time and at the agreed cost, makes customers happy.

John Kleeman, Founder of Questionmark, said: “By investing in skills and knowledge across the business partner channel, tech companies can improve their brand reputation and reach new audiences. For a certification program to be credible, vendors must robustly assess skills and knowledge.”

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