Employers encouraged to replicate habits of high-performing team members

TRUMBULL, CT USA — November 5, 2020 — Too often, the majority of a firm’s best results are generated by a minority of its people.  Questionmark, the online assessment provider, is calling on employers to better understand the skills, behaviors and attitudes of their most effective workers so that these characteristics can be reproduced across the workforce.

To better understand what skills businesses need to succeed, employers should analyze the qualities that separate high performers from the rest of the workforce.

A range of research and anecdotal sources suggest that in many organizations, 20% of the workforce is responsible for 80% of the results.  While the “80/20 rule” does not always equate precisely, the premise that a smaller number of workers contribute to a greater number of outputs is common across different sectors and industries.[1] 

With an unclear economic outlook, continued uncertainty around the future of Covid-19 and social distancing, forming a 2021 business plan is challenging.  But strengthening the skills of staff can help prepare for any eventuality. 

By understanding the skills and behaviors of the smaller, but more effective, group of employees, managers can encourage the rest of the staff base to replicate them.

Lars Pedersen, CEO of Questionmark, said: “Whatever the future holds, the ability of staff to adapt and maintain high performance will always be essential to success.  By understanding what makes the most effective team members perform at higher levels, employers can introduce training, support and other initiatives to standardize these skills and habits.

“Online staff assessments can give employers vital information about skills and behaviors among the workforce.  Insights about what distinguishes high performers from their co-workers will enable employers to set the standard and offer the necessary support.”

By testing the skill base across the workforce, employers can gain a good understanding of where strengths and weaknesses lie.  With the Questionmark enterprise-grade assessment platform, it is easy to spot patterns and trends.  Employers can make informed decisions on the skills and behaviors that lead to greater results.

In the event of a Covid-19 vaccine during 2021, and a corresponding economic upturn, employers may need to recruit quickly to build capacity.  By assessing candidates before deciding to hire them, employers can ensure that they are recruiting applicants with the skills that they know will drive productivity.

[1] https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/050115/what-are-some-reallife-examples-8020-rule-pareto-principle-practice.asp