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Posted by Joan Phaup

Lynn Cram
Lynn Cram

We always look forward to seeing familiar faces at the Questionmark Users Conference, and it was good to realize recently that someone who will be attending this year’s conference has been with us for every single one of them. Lynn Cram will be attending her 8th users conference — and her 2nd in Miami — March 14  –  17. I wanted to find out what keeps bringing her back, and you can listen in on our conversation.
Here are a few great reasons for you to attend the conference, too!

  • A discussion on the future of ADL SCORM led by ADL Technical Advisor Daniel Rehak, PhD, and Questionmark Integration Team Lead Steve Lay on Shaping the Future of ADL SCORM: What’s On Your Wish List?
  • Tech Training: Planning Your Migration from Perception v4 to v5
  • Best Practices: Item and Test Analysis Analytics
  • Case  Study: Using Questionmark and SAP for Employment Testing
  • Two-day post-conference training: Customizing the Participant Interface in Perception version 5

There’s so much more to say about the conference! Check out what’s happening and register soon!