Posted by Joan Phaup
The School of Justice at Miami Dade College in Florida plays an important role in helping people prepare for careers in public safety. Not only does the school offer degree programs, it is also home to the state’s basic abilities testing program for prospective police, correctional and probation officers.
The Florida Basic Abilities Test (F-BAT), which measures basic abilities of recruits planning to enter training programs, needs to be kept current and relevant. The College reviews the test annually and freshens the questions, drawing on the expertise of subject matter experts (SMEs) from all over the state.
The introduction  this year of Questionmark Live has given the college a new, more efficient  way of working with SMEs: During a recently item writing workshop held at the College, SMEs were given a quick tutorial on the use of Questionmark Live and were soon creating questions using its simple browser-based authoring tools. Their efforts were so successful  that the college plans to run future workshops at a distance, doing away with the need for SMEs to meet together in order to help create test content.
You can learn more about the college’s role here and find out more about the item writing sessions by listening to the following podcast with Lebsica Gonzalez, F-BAT project manager at Miami Dade College.