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Posted by Joan Phaup
Online assessments  are used in many different way at Sanlam Personal Finance in South Africa. The company uses Questionmark Perception to test competencies and product knowledge. Assessments also play an important role in compliance. And in keeping with the company’s goal of engendering a high-performance culture, they are used on an ongoing basis to support learning.
Because Sanlam uses online assessments so extensively, my recent conversation with Sanlam Training Technology Consultant Mark Julius covered a wide array of topics. We spoke about how his organization uses graphics and animations to simulate on-the-job situations during assessments. We also talked about the special challenges of operating in countries with varying levels of internet connectivity and the ever-expanding importance of proving compliance with government regulations.
You can learn more by reading our case study about Sanlam and their use of Perception, which they use together with the SAP Human Resources and Learning Management System.