Questionmark Data Literacy by Cambridge Assessment

New ready-made assessment enables employers to measure the level of data literacy skills among teams

Questionmark Data Literacy by Cambridge Assessment

Just 21% of employees feel confident in understanding data

Organizations have access to more data than ever before. But do their employees know how to use it?

Data-driven businesses are more likely to make better decisions. Just 21% of global workers, however, feel confident in their ability to read, understand and communicate data.

Our new data literacy assessment helps organizations improve their performance by enabling employers to measure relevant skills across the workforce. The results enable leaders to make better decisions on training, recruitment and task distribution.

Created by experts

The test was created through a collaboration between Questionmark and Cambridge Assessment, the international education experts.

The content has been written by subject-matter specialists hired by Cambridge Assessment and reviewed by experts.

Learn more about the development of the Questionmark Data Literacy test HERE.

Improved decision making

When employees understand the data available to them, they will make better decisions that improve efficiency and productivity.

Identify training need

The results of the assessment pinpoint which team members need further training.

Better recruitment

A wide variety of roles require spotting patterns and trends in data. The test assesses potential recruits, helping employers make better hiring decisions.

More efficient business processes

As employers digitalize more operations they generate more data about their business processes. The better employees understand data, the more they can reach new heights and reduce inefficiencies.

Improved customer service

Better understanding data enables businesses to better understand and serve their customers.

Organization-wide insights

Employers can run reports to view performance across teams.

Integrated into the platform

For existing customers, the test will run on the repository in their Questionmark platform.

Easy to use

For new customers, we will create a Questionmark area that contains the assessment and provide assistance to use the test.