Ready-made content

Ready-Made Content

Ready-made content to assess business skills

Our new content offer gives customers assessments which they can use or adapt according to their needs.

The tests cover compliance, sales & marketing and transferable skills.

We have introduced the service to complement our enterprise-grade assessment platform and professional services, in response to demand from customers.

Over time, we will develop more ready-made assessments to help employers measure and develop business skills.

Ready-made assessment content

Compliance tests

Compliance tests

Employers often struggle to identify what regulations and compliance procedures their employees know and follow. Poor understanding increases the chance of human error and puts the business at risk from regulatory breaches and fines, eroding customer trust.

Our tests will help employers identify knowledge gaps, reduce risk, demonstrate compliance and increase customer trust.

Tests include:

Sales and marketing tests

Sales and marketing tests

In every business, the sales and marketing team is responsible for increasing revenues and driving growth.  But teams may not have all the skills they need, which can put a brake on growth.

Our tests will help employers assess skills, identify who needs training and improve individual, team, and business performance.

Tests include:

Transferable skills tests

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills can be essential to succeed at work and university. However, not all intelligence tests measure critical thinking and problem-solving skills to a satisfactory degree.

Our test helps employers and universities identify people with high potential by testing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Tests include:

Data literacy tests

Organisations have more access to data than ever before. But do employees know how to use it effectively?

Our test to help employers measure and improve data literacy levels among the workforce. The results indicate which team members can understand, apply, communicate with and evaluate data in their job role.

Tests include:

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