Questionmark Connect Partner Program

Demonstrate return on investment

Learning software providers are increasingly under pressure to provide robust assessment capabilities as part of their offer. When they do, they can better demonstrate their value to customers.

Questionmark Connect integrates the Questionmark assessment platform into third-party learning and compliance software. This enables learning and training companies to resell enterprise-grade assessments to their end customers.

Integrating assessments enables learning providers to offer a full solution. Testing participants before, during and after training makes the learning more effective.

Companies can demonstrate to their end customers that the training is making a difference and that participants are learning.

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This opportunity is only available to a limited number of software providers, giving partner businesses an edge over their competitors. For more information, contact

Our new partnership with THRIVE

We have partnered with the learning experience platform THRIVE to deliver regulatory compliant assessments. THRIVE now integrates with Questionmark Connect to support assessment functionality for its clients including Vitality Insurance and Lotus Cars.

Mark Ward, Co-founder at THRIVE, said the integration is a game changer:
“It has enabled us to provide our clients with the option for enhanced assessment functionality that’s easily hosted, delivered and tracked within THRIVE, giving learners a seamless user experience in one platform.”

Increase scope and grow revenue

Demonstrate return on investment

Accurately measure the skills of end customers’ people and prove the effectiveness of training

Capture additional and recurring revenue

Learning providers can sell an additional service and capture recurring revenues from their customers

A one-stop shop

Provide a one-stop shop for managing assessments from delivering remote tests to proctoring and digital badging

Increase customer loyalty

Learning providers can offer a better, more comprehensive solution making end customers less likely to change to another provider

Win more enterprise customers

Enabling learning providers to offer an effective testing method, globally, appealing to enterprise-sized customers

Stand out from the competition

Provide a richer, better assessment capability than competitors

Deliver more with Questionmark Connect

Proctor tests and exams

Able to offer online and record and review proctoring or invigilation

Digital badging

Issue certifications to those who have completed programs and assessments

More complex item types

Create a variety of sophisticated assessments

Robust authoring

Includes audit trail and multi-user support

Item bank

Allows re-use of questions and more valid, reliable tests

Ability to create defensible and secure tests

With a range of proctoring or invigilation options

Assessment analytics

Results are quick and easy to analyze

Translation management

Supporting international assessments

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