Questionmark B2B Sales Qualification by Mentor Group

Ready-made assessment content to test how effectively sales teams are qualifying leads

Questionmark B2B Sales Qualification by Mentor Group

Stop wasting time on unlikely leads

B2B Sales Qualification by Mentor Group helps employers understand whether sales teams are identifying leads correctly.

Too often, business-to-business (B2B) sales teams miss crucial opportunities because they are wasting time and energy on sales leads which are unlikely to convert.

The ability to qualify a sales lead, and disqualify those that will simply waste time, is a skill that even the best salespeople can learn.

Our new assessment will reveal where salespeople are struggling, and – built on decades of experience within sales and coaching – provide directional insight to drive increased productivity and performance across the entire sales team.

Qualifying leads and increasing performance

Improved sales outcome

Learning to disqualify irrelevant leads will create more time to focus on big opportunities

Better business planning

Better qualification of leads will result in better sales forecasts

More effective training

Assessment reveals what training is needed and which team members need it

Better recruitment

Ensure new starters understand how to qualify leads

Core characteristics

Relevant feedback

The test provides feedback on what people get wrong, providing the areas where training is required

Organization-wide insight

Employers can run reports to view performance across teams

Integrated into the platform

For existing customers, the test will run on the repository in their Questionmark platform

Easy to use

For new customers, we will create a Questionmark area that contains the B2B sales qualification assessment and provide assistance to use the test

Reporting (screenshots)

Test Analysis
Test Analysis Histogram
Coaching Report (overview)
Coaching Report (answered question)

About Mentor Group

Mentor Group is a sales enablement and transformation business, dedicated to helping sales teams and organisations sell more, sell faster, and sell more often. We do this by pulling on the three key levers of People, Process and Technology, and have positioned ourselves as market leaders in sales, technology, consultancy and training.

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