Professional Services

Getting the most out of the platform

Our professional services help to increase the benefit of our assessment platform and to ensure assessments are done in the right way. We can get customers up to speed more quickly or take on the overall management of the product ourselves.

A wide range of consultancy and training services are available.

We care that our customers succeed, particularly in areas of activity where the cost of failure can be high.


Services to help customers get up to speed more quickly. We can accelerate time to deployment, provide worldwide support and instructional strategies to ensure users can execute tasks successfully.


Certified installation and configuration to ensure a timely, smooth and successful deployment.

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Integrating with key enterprise systems can yield huge benefits in terms of streamlining and simplifying processes.


Help to ensure a smooth transition to Questionmark.

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Automate business processes

Improved efficiency with automated assessment administration and delivery.

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Onsite or remote setup

Deployment and integration assistance is available by phone or onsite.


Customised onsite training for in-house teams is available to organisations with specialised requirements. Face-to-face enrollment courses and online web seminars are also available.

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Consulting to help with the overall management of the platform. Ensuring assessments for learning and compliance are done in the right way. We provide a one-stop stop and help by running the whole program for our customers or by focusing on one or two key areas.

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Assessment authoring

Advice on assessment and certification programs to ensure these are valid, reliable, fair and defensible. Meeting high-stakes compliance requirements or specific learning outcomes.

Auditing existing assessments

Ensuring that tests are valid, reliable, fair and defensible, audited against industry best practice.

Managed services

A complete service, core product and consultancy, to meet learning and compliance requirements. Managed services take on the whole function to shape and assess specific programs.

Better quality outcomes

Better quality of output and outcomes from doing assessments in the right way. We provide the expertise and experience in how to evaluate results and improve learning, development or compliance requirements. 

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