Proctoring Record and Review


Questionmark’s Proctoring Record & Review service helps organizations to deliver assessments under exam conditions without the need for physical test centers. The comprehensive proctoring (or invigilation) service monitors test-takers, making it harder for them to cheat, and helps ensure the integrity of remote assessments.

Addressing the Challenge

Working from home is now a common occurrence and many business leaders need to continue to test the skills and competencies of their people in this new landscape of work, some for compliance requirements, others to support learning and development.

Of course, the challenge with remote work and learning is ensuring that L&D efforts remain fair, reliable and secure and much of this comes down to managing the potential for a test-taker to cheat. To deter and prevent cheating, organizations should proctor all assessments be they remote or in-person. Understandably, however, proctoring an assessment often comes with challenges, especially for in-person exams. The logistical feat of pulling employees into one place is time-consuming and the cost of hiring test centers and employing supervisors can be expensive.

How Proctoring Record & Review helps address that

Questionmark provides a secure Record & Review proctoring service that helps organizations to prevent cheating and ensure assessments are valid, reliable and defensible.

Questionmark’s Proctoring Record & Review service gives customers the flexibility to deliver assessments anywhere, anytime while maintaining exam integrity.

The automated system observes and records the exam session on video, for potential review later. The system flags potential anomalies, such as a second person on screen. When the system flags an anomaly, the customer can review it or send it to Questionmark for inspection. This makes it harder for a test-taker to cheat or to copy the exam questions to pass onto others.

Universities, colleges and workplaces frequently use this service, which integrates with the Questionmark platform.

Core Features

Core features of Proctoring Record and Review include:

  • Easy to install and integrate
  • Completely automated providing unbiased, unblinking, and unlimited proctoring
  • Safe and private ensuring the privacy of the test-taker and their data security
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Scalable and cost-effective

Proctoring Record & Review is delivered in partnership with Proctorio, the technology company.

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