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With an increasing number of people taking professional certifications and academic exams remotely, the need for robust online proctoring solutions is essential for success. Live Proctoring Online helps businesses and organizations deliver high-stakes remote assessments securely by connecting candidates to a virtual proctor via a webcam and headset for results that are fair, valid and reliable.

Addressing the Challenge

As virtual learning technologies develop, remote learning is becoming increasingly common. Workers are studying remotely toward professional qualifications and students are pursuing academic qualifications through online learning. While the benefits of online assessments are undeniable and include saved time, money and greater inclusivity, it is not a process without its challenges. Assessing remote learners can be particularly difficult.

With a new landscape of learning and a greater need for inclusive and flexible learning, responding to these challenges has become more urgent than ever.

Some assessments can be carried out easily at home with low-level security arrangements in place. But when the stakes are high, this is simply not appropriate.

How Live Proctoring Online helps address that

With Live Proctoring Online, Questionmark provides an online proctor who supervises a test-taker using the test-taker’s webcam and audio features that are built into their computer. The proctor confirms the test-taker’s identity and can pause or terminate the assessment if they see suspicious behavior.

Live Proctoring Online enables assessments to be taken from home or office, removing the costs and need to travel to a test center, without compromising on security and, as such, are widely used in commercial certification programs all over the world.

How Live Proctoring Online Works

  • The candidate schedules a proctoring appointment
  • An appointment launch link will appear in the My Assessments tab of the Questionmark portal 15 minutes before the appointment. A candidate clicks the link to begin the appointment
  • Once connected, the proctor will expect the candidate to provide the identification documents required by the test publisher
  • The proctor will use the webcam to check the integrity of the exam (i.e. to ensure the candidate is alone and that their desk is clear)
  • The proctor will unlock the exam, allowing the candidate to commence the assessment
  • The proctor will monitor the candidate through real-time audio/video as they progress through the exam. The proctor can pause or terminate the exam if the rules are not followed. The candidate may speak to the proctor at any time during the exam.

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