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Supporting organizations across a variety of assessment needs

We help organizations ensure their workforce is performing at its best.

Talent management: adapting and building new skills to meet new demands
Certifications: ensuring skills are up to date
Safety and compliance: auditable performance and demonstrating compliance

We provide a flexible platform to address multiple uses often in high-stakes environments.

We have the unparalleled experience and expertise to ensure that our customers get results they can rely on. It’s why we’ve been trusted by more than 2,500 customers worldwide and deliver more than 18 million assessments a year.

Latest Feature: Text-to-Speech

Inclusivity should never be an afterthought of assessment design, which is why we’re constantly evolving our features with fairness at their core.Text-to-Speech is the latest tool to this end and is designed to aid those who struggle with written information. This flexible feature allows candidates to hear a question spoken aloud at the click of a button. From those who have low confidence with written exams to people with reading difficulties, Text-to-Speech is an incredible aid that helps keep assessments fair and valid. 

Benefits of Text-of-Speech 

  • Improves test-taker confidence and reduces exam anxiety 
  • Ensures a test-taker’s skills and knowledge are being measured, rather than their reading comprehension 
  •  Is a fully flexible in-exam tool that’s designed to be user-friendly and intuitive 
  • Helps a test taker’s wider learning by combining both written and spoken information for maximum knowledge retention 

Platform Overview

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Use cases

We address multiple customer needs, across many different sectors. These include, but are not confined to, financial services, technology, pharmaceuticals, utilities, retail, public sector and government, awarding bodies and higher education.

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Delivering better business

Organizations around the world find that implementing assessment technology helps to improve their performance and safely meet their compliance requirements.

We help improve the quality of hires, customer satisfaction, employee retention and improve productivity. Reliable, secure, enterprise-grade online assessments help save time, money and headaches.

How the Platform is delivered

An enterprise-grade assessment platform delivered in the cloud or on premise. We also have a specialist product for the US Government.

Delivered in the cloudDelivered on premise For federal, state, and local US Government and agencies
No hardware, upgrade or maintenance worriesFor customers that prefer not to use cloud servicesCompliant with FedRAMP, the US government security standard
Improve employee and business performanceImprove employee and business performanceImprove employee and overall performance
Meet compliance requirements Meet compliance requirements Meet compliance requirements
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Online assessment features


Customers can choose whether to deliver exams proctored or unproctored. Proctoring (or invigilation) increases the integrity of tests and exams by making it harder for a test-taker to cheat or to copy the exam questions to pass onto others.

Proctoring is common in certification and academic exams, where the results contribute to a certificate or qualification. In workplace exams, employees are often trusted to follow the rules, though proctoring is commonly used to better ensure integrity.

We provide three types of service:

Proctoring Online

We provide an online proctor who supervises a test-taker using the webcam and audio built into the test-taker’s computer. The proctor confirms the test-taker’s identity and can pause or terminate the assessment if they see suspicious behavior.

Proctoring Online enables assessments to be taken from home or office, removing the need to travel to a test center, without compromising on security. It is widely used in certification programs.

Proctoring Record and Review

We provide an automated system that observes and records the exam session on video, for potential review later. The system flags potential anomalies, such as a second person on screen.

When the anomaly is flagged, the customer can review or Questionmark can.
Proctoring Record and Review gives customers the flexibility to deliver assessments anywhere, anytime while maintaining exam integrity. It is widely used in universities, colleges and workplaces.

Proctoring Onsite

We enable customers to proctor individual test-takers or a group of test-takers in-person and onsite. We provide the tools to start, pause, un-pause and stop tests for an individual or group within a test center and to monitor a group’s progress.

Proctoring Onsite helps protect content and reduce cheating, increasing the validity, reliability and defensibility of exams.


With Questionmark, users can issue digital badges that are portable and verifiable. Badges are often awarded in recognition of participants’ certifications, competencies, skills and knowledge, demonstrated through successful assessment outcomes.

Learn more about Digital Badging.

Observational assessment

Observational assessments to measure participants’ behavior, skills, and abilities in ways not possible through traditional assessments. In a traditional assessment, such as an exam, a participant is presented with the questions for direct response. In an observational assessment, an observer is instead presented with the questions to rate the participant’s behaviors, skills or abilities. Results are instantly saved to the central repository for analysis and reporting.

Create own content

Author questions, categorize them using topic folders and metatags, and use them to compose assessment forms. The service includes item banking, item history, and version control. Publish once and deliver in multiple modes and different languages.

Collaborative authoring

Collaborative authoring environment for learning enables organizations with distributed teams to work on the same project asynchronously and at a distance.

Blended delivery

Responsive design capabilities that take the guesswork out of blended delivery. Author an assessment once and then deliver it to different types of device. From PCs and Macs to tablets and smartphones.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics including item analysis, test analysis, survey reporting and more. Tools to analyze and share results with stakeholders.

Job task analysis

Surveys to analyze what tasks within a job role are most important. Used to construct and validate certification programs, ensuring questions are relevant to the job.


Assessments are optimized for screen-reader compatibility and support navigation using the keyboard or alternate pointing devices. Participants can easily toggle text size and contrast controls in online assessments.

Integration with learning management system (LMS)

Quickly and easily create content which integrates with other systems. Content package files can be read and imported by LMSs or other applications so assessments can be scheduled or launched by these systems. We support standards including AICC, SCORM, LTI and xAPI.

Item analysis

Drill down into item statistics to help understand the measurement quality of an instrument. Available statistics include item difficulty p-value, high-low discrimination, item-total correlation discrimination, item-rest correlation discrimination and item reliability.


Locked-down browser. Provides a secure environment for high-stakes assessments. Significantly reduces the risk of cheating and content theft.


Multilingual interfaces are available in more than 30 languages. Translation and project management features for localizing items and assessments.

Global support

Extensive range of support resources, product guides and online user communities. Twenty-four/seven and flexible support plans to meet client needs. Support by phone, email and chat.

Platform attributes


Enables users to share assessment results with a learning record store (LRS). Helps make better learning decisions by collecting, tracking, and quantifying the learning activities to see what works and what doesn’t.

Other APIs

A full range of well-documented, easy to consume APIs is available. It enables customers to integrate with other applications and to automate business processes involving assessments.

In-application Help System

A pop-up tool that helps users get up to speed on the platform. Puts 10,000 pages of Questionmark’s experience and expertise at the user’s fingertips.

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Use cases

Organizations across a range of sectors use our platform to meet their business needs.

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