Conduct secure online tests and online exams

Ensure secure online exams with Questionmark. Our intelligent software makes it easy to ensure the integrity of critical online tests and prevent cheating.

Conduct secure online tests and online exams

Reliable online test and exam software

Enterprise-grade online test software that achieves accurate and reliable results.

Ensure compliance and improve employee performance with safe and secure online test software.

Depend on us. We have helped our customers by delivering more than 95m unique and assured assessments through our online exam platform.

Our vast experience in the industry is available through our range of professional services.

Why our online tests and exams are trusted by over 2,500 customers

Harnessed for university examinations

Our online testing software is regularly used as part of end of course exams – covering knowledge, skill and observational assessments.

Ideal for pre-hire screening and competency testing

Conduct aptitude tests to screen people before they are hired and ensure employees have technical competencies to operate equipment – all online.

Prevents cheating with proctoring

Choose our Proctoring Online option and we’ll supply an online proctor (invigilator) to supervise a test-taker using the webcam and audio built into the test-taker’s computer. The proctor confirms the test-taker’s identity and can pause or terminate the assessment if they see suspicious

Capable of blended delivery

Responsive design means online tests and exams can easily be delivered to different types of device from PCs and Macs to tablets and smartphones.

Integrates with Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Content package files can be read and imported by LMSs or other applications so assessments can be scheduled or launched by these systems. We support standards including AICC, SCORM, LTI and xAPI.

Produces real, actionable results

Live reporting delivers rich data and enables instant analysis – identifying gaps in knowledge or issues with test content.

Delivering better business performance

Organizations around the world find that implementing assessment technology helps to improve their performance and safely meet their compliance requirements.

We help improve the quality of hires, customer satisfaction, employee retention and improve productivity with our online exams and online tests.

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