Our online assessment platform explained

Tap into employee potential with online assessment software

Improve business performance by using our enterprise-grade online assessment platform to unlock the potential of your employees.

Find new areas to shape and develop with Questionmark’s online assessment tools.

Accurate and defensible assessment results for all types of business. Our flexible software is built to suit a wide range of organizations.

How our online assessment software works

We help organizations and their people improve their performance, and safely meet their compliance requirements.

  • Secure online assessments done in the right way to maximize the impact of training and development
  • Professional services and content to make the most of the assessments

Watch the 7 short modules to see how the Questionmark Platform is trusted by leading organizations around the world.

Why over 2,500 customers trust our online assessments

Create tailored online assessments

Author questions, categorize them using topic folders and metatags, and use them to compose online assessment forms. Item banking, item history and version control all come as part of the service.

Deliver across multiple devices

Publish an online assessment once and deliver it across different platforms and devices thanks to our platform’s responsive design and blended delivery capabilities.

Identify gaps in knowledge

Take advantage of the platform’s various tools, analytics and reporting to understand where further education is needed, or even where assessment content needs improvement.

Prevent cheating with proctoring

We’re able to supply an online proctor  to supervise assessments using the webcam and audio built into the test-taker’s computer. The proctor can pause or terminate the assessment if they see suspicious behavior – greatly reducing the chances of cheating.

How our platform is delivered

An enterprise-grade assessment platform delivered in the cloud or on premise. We also have a specialist product for the US Government.

Delivered in the cloudDelivered on site For federal, state, and local US Government and agencies
No hardware, upgrade or maintenance worriesFor customers that prefer not to use cloud servicesCompliant with FedRAMP, the US government security standard
Improve employee and business performanceImprove employee and business performanceImprove employee and overall performance
Meet compliance requirementsMeet compliance requirementsMeet compliance requirements
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