How to onboard with us

At Questionmark we want your experience to be as smooth as possible.

We work closely with our customers to ensure the onboarding process is easy to understand and seamless to implement.

It’s more than just set up with Questionmark. We are passionate that we have a real understanding of your organization, so before we start the technical set-up, we first like to understand you.

To do this we will discuss with you elements such as why did you partner with us? Who have you used in the past? And will you be creating new content with us?

We will also delve deeper into areas such as do you need Questionmark to integrate with other systems?  What are the workflows and roles that need to be supported?  And how are assessments scores communicated?  To name a few.

By spending this time with you at the start it will ensure you are connected in a way that best works for you and is most suited to you and your business. Ensuring you get the most out of the Questionmark Platform and Professional Services that we offer.

How it works

Every customer has different needs and requirements, but our implementation process generally follows these five phases.  The professional services team engages with the customer throughout the process and our project manager provides a single point-of-contact for you during the implementation.

1. Initiation and Kick-off

  • Orientation to Questionmark the company and the service
  • Identify and establish key players on both sides, roles and responsibilities
  • Establish your business goals and objectives regarding the assessment platform
  • Agree on and establish communication channels and frequency

2. Configuration Workshop

You are guided through a structured decision-making process on how best to implement the system.  This reduces the time it takes to determine the various configuration options and ultimately accelerates the implementation.

The output of this phase is an implementation plan. A typical implementation plan will address, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Users, groups, roles and permissions
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Types of assessments administered
  • Assessment creation, administration and reporting process
  • Security requirements
  • Content migration
  • Integration with 3rd parties
  • Reporting needs and access to raw data for 3rd party reporting

3. Implementation

During this phase, there are several work streams that we can often perform in parallel:

  • End-user training
  • Assessment authoring
  • Questionmark configures the system per your requirements, including items such as:
    • Standard
      • Branding of portal
      • Branding of assessment delivery templates
      • Configuration of login screen and dashboard
      • Setup of a coaching report template
      • Modifying pertinent server settings
    • Advanced
      • Includes the above, plus any number of the following:
      • E-commerce setup
      • Online proctoring setup
      • On-site proctoring via partners setup
      • Configuring badges or certificates
      • Integrating with 3rd parties
      • Publishing of non-assessment content within the portal

4. Acceptance Testing

The implementation is first conducted in your QA/Staging environment.  Once complete, you will have the opportunity to perform acceptance testing. 

We also encourage customers to conduct at least one pilot of the system, where the full, end-to-end assessment administration process is put to the test – authoring, delivering and reporting on assessment results.

Based on the acceptance testing and the pilot results, Questionmark together with the customer will make the necessary adjustments to the system, before proceeding to the next phase.

5. Go-Live

In the last implementation phase, we apply all the configurations, settings, branding and content previously tested and approved to your Production environment.  We test that the setup is working as expected in the Production environment.

Internally, we perform a handover briefing to our technical support team and your account manager to ensure a seamless transition.

We utilize various checklists to ensure that you are truly ready to begin delivering assessments to real participants that will generate valid and trustable results for your decision-making.   At this point, you’re ready to start putting Questionmark to use for your business.

Get a Questionmark demo at a time that works for you.

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