Digital marketing knowledge test

Reach new audiences with improved digital marketing skills

Internet usage is at a record high and opportunities for face to face contact are greatly reduced. Digital marketing presents an opportunity for brands to reach new audiences. Very often, in the Covid-19 world, it is the only way to reach any audience.

But nine in 10 organizations fear they lack sufficient digital skills to take advantage of new opportunities.

The Digital Marketing Knowledge Test gives employers information on the strength of digital marketing skills across the workforce. With this information, employers can make better decisions around training and career development among their current team.

When recruiting into digital marketing roles, the test will help hirers identify which candidates are worth putting through the final stages of the process.

Qualifying leads and increasing performance

Increased business performance

Enhanced skills can help create new revenue streams, and maintain existing ones

More effective training

Employers can make better decisions around tailoring more effective training

Better recruitment

Helps reveal which potential recruits possess strong enough digital skills to progress to the final stages

Core characteristics

Relevant feedback

Provides feedback on what people get wrong, providing the areas where training is required

Organization-wide insight

Employers can run reports to view performance across teams


The assessment can be adapted by employers that want to add their own questions for their specific needs

Integrated into the platform

For existing customers, the test will run on the repository in their Questionmark platform

Easy to use

For new customers, we will create a Questionmark area that contains the B2B sales qualification assessment and provide assistance to use the test

Reporting (screenshots)

Test Analysis
Test Analysis Histogram
Coaching Report Overview
Coaching Report (answered question)

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