What is Digital Badging?

Digital badging is commonly used by millions of professionals, employers, training organizations, associations and institutions around the world

What is Digital Badging?

What is a digital badge?

Digital badges enable individuals to show verifiable evidence of their skills and achievements on their online professional
profile, email footer or social media.

For credentialing organizations, digital badges are a convenient way to issue certifications to those who have completed
programs and assessments.

For employers, badging provides digital credentials that recognize, reward, capitalize on and communicate achievements.

Digital badging recognizes achievements and helps make better
people-based decisions

Digital badging makes it easier for organizations to recognize achievement, support learning and development, and make people-related decisions.

We offer an integrated, innovative learning and assessment solution with portable, digital badges and verified achievement credentialing.

There is no need to manage multiple pieces of software as the digital badging service operates seamlessly with our platform. The service automatically awards digital badges as individuals complete, and pass, their assessments.

Current customers can enable this feature immediately.

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White Paper: Digital Badges: Recognizing Progress and Transforming Learning Engagement

Learn how digital badges together with online assessments can drive interest in learning, motivate learners and create employee recognition in our white paper.

Benefits of Digital Badging for credentialing organizations:

  • Maintain business continuity: digital badges provide a convenient and safe way to issue certificates and awards to those who have passed exams when paper certificates are more problematic.
  • Increase brand awareness: as successful candidates share a badge, it helps promote that course and organization.
  • Benefit from additional credibility: when programs and assessments are hard and badges are awarded only to the best candidates, the organization gains credibility as those individuals share their achievements.
  • Demonstrate value: with digital badges, successful test-takers have portable and verified evidence of their skills and expertise without the need for a full diploma. This helps show the value of the credentialing organization’s course to a wider audience.

Benefits OF DIGITAL BADGES for employers:

  • Show competency: digital badges awarded for recognized courses and qualifications help demonstrate to customers, suppliers and partners that a business’s people are competent and reliable.
  • Demonstrate compliance: when employees have digital credentials to show they meet regulatory requirements, customers, suppliers and partners can see that a company and its people can be trusted.
  • Map skills: badges enable firm’s to quickly create heat maps according to expertise, providing insight into the skills their people have and what skills or training they may need.
  • Recruit and retain the best: digital badges can be used to demonstrate to employees that a firm is a good employer, helping recruit and retain the best people.
  • Build brand: when employees share an employer’s badge on their profiles or social media, this helps the business to reach new audiences, increase awareness and build brand.

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