Cybersecurity for home-based workers

Cybersecurity for home-based workers is a new offer to help organizations identify whether employees have the required cybersecurity knowledge to meet their compliance requirements and avoid cyber breaches when working from home

Cybersecurity for home-based workers

Protecting against cyber breaches.

Many organizations are introducing home working, often for the first time. This can open them up to unfamiliar risks. In many cases their people may grapple to use the technology.

Our cybersecurity assessment will help those organizations assess their state of readiness and identify how they could address any issues with their people working from home.

Organizations can face huge financial losses and a negative impact on their reputation as a result of a cybersecurity breach.
The average data breach costs an organization $3.92m, according to IT consultancy IBM.

Some 32% of all data breaches involve phishing, while 29% of all data breaches involve stolen credentials, according telecoms company Verizon.

All organizations need to ensure their people have the cybersecurity knowledge to do their jobs and to meet their compliance requirements, when working from home.

Supporting organizations to work securely from home

Assessing core cybersecurity knowledge

Organizations can assess their people to ensure they have the cybersecurity knowledge required to do their jobs and to identify knowledge gaps when working from home.

Ensuring business continuity

Organizations can effectively and securely manage the transition to working from home.

Maintaining compliance

Organizations need to protect critical data and meet their IT and cybersecurity compliance requirements, such as for GDPR or financial regulations.

Providing the right information

It helps give organizations the right information on what their employees know and what they don’t know. This will give them a clear picture to inform any decisions on training and development.

Robust assessments to measure cybersecurity knowledge

Getting a clear picture

The assessment helps HR and IT professionals get a clear picture of how their people will be able to work from home.

Identifying appropriate training

Cybersecurity for home-based workers identifies cybersecurity knowledge gaps, helping HR and IT teams recommend the appropriate training.

Delivering for consultants

IT security consultants can use the test to help their customers to identify strengths and weaknesses and get an understanding of competence across organizations.

Fully independent

Questionmark does not offer training based on the results, so its assessments are completely independent.

Core features

Robust assessments

The assessment has been developed by Questionmark security and assessment experts, and is valid, reliable, fair and defensible.

Detailed feedback

Clear and detailed feedback on what people get wrong, providing areas where training is required.

Organization-wide insight

Organizations can run reports to view performance across teams.


The assessment can be adapted by organizations that want to add their own questions for their specific needs.

Random question selection

The assessment uses random selection so each person taking the test gets a slightly different sequence of questions, so organizations can test people again to measure knowledge later

Integrated into the platform

For existing customers, Cybersecurity for home-based workers will run on the repository in their Questionmark platform.

Easy to use

For organizations without the Questionmark platform, the assessment can be accessed through a web link, requiring no installation.

Reporting (screenshots)

Test Analysis Overview
Test Analysis Histogram
Coaching Report Overview
Coaching Report (answered question)

UK G-Cloud

Questionmark’s G-Cloud listing covers Cybersecurity for Home-based Workers within the latest iteration of the UK Government G-Cloud Framework, G-Cloud 12.

G-Cloud Service ID: 127946159888705

To find out more, please download the assessment blueprint or contact us.