Anti-discrimination for People Managers

Anti-discrimination for People Managers (US and UK editions)

Anti-discrimination for People Managers provides a ready-made assessment to measure knowledge of discrimination law and help managers make fair and balanced decisions.

It is available for the US and UK markets.

Promoting diversity and inclusion

Business and society have never been more focused on diversity and inclusion. Remote working makes these easier to address by accessing a more diverse pool of candidates.

But many people managers might not know the anti-discrimination laws or make the right decisions. This can lead to legal risks and may jeopardize the employer’s reputation.

Questionmark’s new anti-discrimination assessment helps employers check that people managers understand their legal requirements.

The test consists of 15 questions which cover the relevant areas of US or UK discrimination law and managerial responsibilities.

Helping employers tackle discrimination

Reducing the chances of a legal and reputational risk

The test helps give employers and people managers the information they need to make non-discriminatory decisions, reducing the likelihood of a costly mistake

Identifying areas of risk

The results will highlight areas of risk among people managers and highlight where and what training is needed

Demonstrate diversity and inclusion

The test helps employers demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion to their employees, customers and partners

Improve employee retention

By addressing discrimination, the test can help improve employee satisfaction and retention

Core characteristics

Relevant feedback

Anti-discrimination for people managers provides feedback on what people get wrong, providing the areas where training is required

Organization-wide insight

Employers can run reports to view performance across teams


The assessment can be adapted by employers that want to add their own questions for their specific needs

Integrated into the platform

For existing customers, Anti-discrimination for people managers will run on the repository in their Questionmark platform

Easy to use

For new customers, we will create a Questionmark area that contains the Anti-discrimination for people managers assessment and provide assistance to use the test

Reporting (screenshots)

Test Analysis Overview
Test Analysis Histogram
Coaching Report Overview
Coaching Report (answered question)

For more information, please download the assessment blueprint for the US edition or the assessment blueprint for the UK edition, or contact

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