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Our Platform and Services

Supporting organisations across a variety of high-stakes needs

We help organisations ensure the workforce is performing at its best.
That it is adapting and building new skills to meet new demands.

We provide a flexible platform to address multiple uses often in high-stakes environments.

We have the unparalleled experience and expertise to ensure that our customers get results they can rely on. We served more than 1.9m unique people over the last year.

Getting the most out of the platform

Our professional services help to increase the benefit of our assessment platform and to ensure assessments are done in the right way. We can get customers up to speed more quickly or take on the overall management of the product ourselves.

A wide range of consultancy and training services are available.

We care that our customers succeed, particularly in areas of activity where the cost of failure can be high.

How our platform
is delivered

An enterprise-grade assessment platform delivered in the cloud or on premise. We also have a specialist product for the US Government.

Delivered in the cloudDelivered on siteFor federal, state, and local US Government and agenciesIncrease the benefit of our assessment platformReady-made content for customers to use or adapt
No hardware, upgrade or maintenance worriesFor customers that prefer not to use cloud servicesCompliant with FedRAMP, the US government security standardTraining to get customers up to speed more quicklyQuestionmark Thinking Skills by Cambridge Assessment to accurately test critical thinking and problem-solving skills
Improve employee and business performanceImprove employee and business performanceImprove employee and overall performanceManaged services to take on the overall management of the product ourselvesQuestionmark Thinking Skills by Cambridge Assessment to accurately test critical thinking and problem-solving skills
Meet compliance requirementsMeet compliance requirementsMeet compliance requirementsAssessment authoring to ensure programmes are valid, reliable, fair and defensible
Cybersecurity for home-based workers, to help organisations assess risks and training needs with the move to home working

Watch the 7 modules

We help organisations and their people improve their performance, and safely meet their compliance requirements.

  • Secure online assessments done in the right way to maximise the impact of training and development
  • Professional services and content to make the most of the assessments

Watch the video now to see how the Questionmark Platform is trusted by leading organisations around the world.

Informing better decisions

Decisions matter. So the decision making process should be informed and defensible. Organisations that are serious about getting the best out of their people and process need to be serious about assessment. That way employers and employees can learn, adapt, and improve the decisions that matter most.

When Good Decisions Are Made

Good Decisions mean better performance and higher productivity. They drive growth and customer satisfaction. Risk and Compliance are better managed.

Teams work better. Employees are more challenged and likely to stay.

Pie chart

When Good Decisions Are Not Made

Without good decisions productivity can be harmed. Performance is weaker and higher costs can combine with higher risks.

Culture and morale suffer. Client satisfaction suffers. Employee retention suffers. Reputation suffers.

Business Benefits

We are trusted by more than 2,500 organisations and their people to help them make better decisions to meet the critical challenges in today’s fast-moving commercial world. We assess more than 18m people annually.

Delivering better business performance

Organisations around the world find that implementing assessment technology helps to improve their performance and safely meet their compliance requirements. 

We help improve the quality of hires, customer satisfaction, employee retention and improve productivity. Reliable, secure, enterprise grade online assessments help save time, money and headaches.

Get a Questionmark demo at a time that works for you.

Questionmark Silver Excellence in Technology BHG Award
Questionmark FedRAMP Authorized