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Posted by Jim Farrell

On June 7th, Questionmark and ProctorU announced their partnership to add security to higher stakes exams taken outside a test center. For those of us within Questionmark, this was a very exciting announcement as it provided our customers with options that until recently were very limited.

For those of you unaware of ProctorU, let me give you some background. In the simplest of terms, ProctorU is an online, real-time proctoring service. Using webcams, screen-sharing technology and proven authentication techniques, live monitors oversee participants taking their examinations from home, work or anywhere. The monitor can see and hear the examinee and provide pre-exam assistance and technical support, maintaining the integrity of the testing process. ProctorU brings the test center to the test taker.

At Questionmark, we see Impersonation, Content Theft, and Cheating as serious threats to test security. Real-time monitoring directly combats each of these threats by:

Preventing ID Fraud – Each monitoring session starts with authentication techniques that ensure the test taker is who they say they are.

Protecting Content – ProctorU sessions are monitored in real time with screen sharing. If a monitor detects an anomaly, he/she can immediately end the session and send the video to someone for review before your content hits the Internet.

Minimizing Cheating – As part of the pre-test checking, the participant must scan the room and work area with his or her webcam. The monitor then watches the room via the webcam, listens via the computer’s microphone and uses screen sharing to monitor the test taker’s actions.

This is exciting to us because Questionmark’s goal is to provide the appropriate amount of security for the situation the test requires. Is this technology necessary for all types of assessments? No, of course not. But as more people work remotely and more students take course and tests online, there are plenty of assessments that require monitoring. Questionmark’s relationship with ProctorU allows for an easy-to-deploy, seamless, secure and fair experience for the test taker.

If you would like to know more about how live online proctoring works, you can tune in to a podcast with Jarrod Morgan of ProctorU.