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Posted by Brian McNamara

We’re very pleased to announce the availability of a new feature available for users of Questionmark OnDemand:  Observational Assessments.
We’re all familiar with how traditional tests and quizzes work:  we are presented with questions and submit our answers for scoring.  Observational assessments work a little differently:  an observation of the participant is conducted, and the “observer” then answers questions to rate the participant’s performance, skills or knowledge.  For example, in a workplace setting an observational assessment could be used to measure and record how well an employee performs a certain task, rating areas such as skills, safety practices and adherence to required procedures.
The new feature we’ve introduced enables observers to log in to Questionmark Perception OnDemand, select the desired assessment, select which participant is to be rated, and then complete the assessment. Questionmark’s existing “Coaching Report” provides an ideal mechanism for sharing results and feedback from Observational Assessments with stakeholders.
In many cases, conducting an observational assessment requires mobility – and we’re excited that the many new mobile delivery features and Apps introduced this year really add to the flexibility of how and where you can now conduct these assessments via Questionmark.
I invite you to take a couple of minutes to watch this video, which provides a brief conceptual overview followed by a short demonstration of how Questionmark Perception is used to deliver and report on this type of assessments.