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Observational Assessments with Questionmark

Certify high-competency skills with confidence 

Observational Assessments are critical for accurately assessing employee competence in a variety of settings. From construction sites to pharmaceutical sales or driving exams, Observational Assessments go beyond the theory to test the actual on-the-job performance in high-stakes settings.   

Rather than relying on standard assessments, which often only test knowledge recall, Observational Assessments, similar to Performance-based Testing, test and measure the test-takers abilities in an authentic environment. In doing so, the validity of the results automatically increases and provides you (and regulators) with a more accurate picture of how an employee might perform in the real world.   

This also allows for a more holistic assessment experience, where a test taker’s skills, knowledge, and attitude can all be tested together through a range of formats.   

Observational assessments

The benefits of Observational Assessments  

  • Prove employee competency and ensure you’re meeting health and safety regulations for high-risk environments  
  • Allows employees to demonstrate skills and knowledge across different environments including vehicle handling, customer service, utilities, construction sites, and much, much more
  • Tests beyond knowledge to confirm skills can be practically applied in a safe, secure, and accurate manner   

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