Posted by Kristin Bernor, Head of External Relations

Organizations everywhere are now working from home, often for the first time.

But are they doing what they can to keep critical data safe and ensure their employees can keep working effectively?

Do the new armies of home workers know the correct cybersecurity procedures? Do they follow them?

Questionmark has developed the Cybersecurity for Home-based Workers assessment to help organizations identify whether employees have the required cybersecurity knowledge to do their jobs.  The assessment also enables organizations to meet their compliance requirements and avoid cyber breaches when their people are working from home.

To help get your people up and running quickly and securely given the Coronavirus crisis, Questionmark is offering organizations their first 1,000 assessments for free during April saving thousands of dollars or pounds for the organization.

The test contains 25 questions on cybersecurity and there is random selection, so each person will get slightly different questions.

It can help organizations ensure they meet their IT and cybersecurity compliance requirements, such as for GDPR or other specific regulations.

The offer is open to current and new customers and runs to the end of April 2020.  To find out more, please click here.