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Posted by Kristin Bernor, Head of External Relations

It’s time to share with you all a real treasure that has recently been updated that includes a ton of new value statements around the value of an IT certification. The ITCC has just published an update to its white paper titled “Why get IT certified? The value of IT certification?”. The white paper builds on a variety of industry surveys about IT certification and includes data from surveys and research by companies such as Amazon, IBM and SAP and also industry analysts like IDC.

The IT Certification Council (ITCC) is a nonprofit organization committed to growing and promoting professional IT certifications and Questionmark is a longstanding member of the ITCC as are some of our customers. As well as working in my day job in Questionmark marketing, I’m also a volunteer director of the ITCC.

You can read the full white paper here but I thought I’d share some interesting findings from the report – some about what people who get certified think, some on what their managers think and some on the business impact of certification.

What people who get certified think

The first evidence for the value of certification comes from the opinion of those who get certified. The report advises that of those who get certifications:

1. 71.6% agree that getting certified has increased their ability to solve problems;

2. 67% believe that getting certified has increased their workplace productivity; and

3. 88% of certified people used skills learned or enhanced through certification at least several times a month.

What managers of those who certified think

It’s obviously also helpful to understand what their managers or other senior personnel think about the value of certification. The reports finds:

4. 66% of managers believe certification improves the level of service and support offered to IT end users/customers;

5. 75% of managers say they believe that certification is important to team performance; and

6. 94% of IT decision-makers worldwide say that certified team members provide added value above and beyond the cost of certifications.

What is the business outcome?

The report goes on to identify some potential business benefits of certification and finds:

7. 61% of companies surveyed identified that the economic benefit to them of having certified individuals was greater than US$10,000 per annum per certified person.

8. Around 50% of companies surveyed stated that having certified individuals on staff gave them a competitive edge over other companies.

9. In a study done amongst IBM partners (resellers), the more certified individuals a firm has on staff, the greater the sales achieved by those individuals. Worldwide, having 6-10 certified individuals increased revenue per person over 1-5 certified individuals by about 15% and having 11-25 by nearly 50% over those with just 1-5 certified individuals.

In summary, there is data evidence surrounding the tremendous value in IT certifications. If you are interested in reading the report in full, you can download the white paper.

If you are interested in exploring how Questionmark can help you implement an IT certification program to help you achieve these benefits, then please email me directly at kristin.bernor@questionmark.com. We have the experience and demonstrated customer success stories to replicate this value for your organization.

Kristin Bernor is the Head of External Relations at Questionmark and serves as the Marketing Director for the IT Certification Council. She is is passionate about the certification marketplace and helping program managers with their work to ensure that certification exams provide reliable and valid results that can be trusted to make informed and defensible business decisions. Kristin recognizes that for IT company certification exams, just as with their products, effective and efficient speed to market is vital.