Posted by Jim Farrell

As Android phones and other mobile devices become the constant companions of learners the world over, mobile delivery offers an affordable way to administer quick knowledge checks, surveys and other assessments to people on the move or at work.

So we are pleased to announce that a new Questionmark App that enables streamlined assessment delivery to Android phones is now available for free download from the Android Market.

The app is completely configurable, so your participants can access assessments scheduled for them in your Questionmark Perception v5 repository. The app — currently available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean — is designed to detect the language setting of each learner’s device.

If you don’t have Questionmark Perception v5 yet, you can still try this new app: Simply install it and choose the “demo” option, and the app will let you try out several assessments available from Questionmark’s demonstration site.
Click here for more info about Questionmark apps for Android and other mobile devices.