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Posted by Jim Farrell

We’re Back!!! The Questionmark Live team has released some great new browser-based assessment authoring features. 
 This release of Questionmark Live contains pull-down list question types, explanations, non-scored questions and an interface to support left to right languages such as Arabic. (We will get to this feature in another post.)
Explanations are a great way to collect scenarios, videos, links and images from subject matter experts without the need to create questions — easily crowdsourcing valuable information that is sitting in your organization right now.
The new pull-down list question presents a number of options for a participant to choose from. The pull-down list question has long been a popular way  for Questionmark Perception users to collect information from participants in many types of assessments including surveys.
Non-scored questions allow you to use Questionmark Live to create questions for surveys. This feature allows you to create a question that does not have a correct answer, score, or feedback.
Pull-down questions and non-scored questions are demonstrated in the following video. Take a look!